Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) 2009
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) 2009

Problem Statement

How is energy used at home in America? We need heat, we need a lot of heat! As of 2009, close to 60% of energy used in American homes heats our water and living space.

What if we could make better use of the heat generated from computation? Instead of solving for the most cost effective computation process vs. heat generation, why don’t we look at the most effective heat generation vs. computation process?

We call it combined heating and computation and we built a prototype.

Mission Statement

To promote the concept of Exergy – energy productivity – by exploring energy and its co-benefits. Co-benefits include economic productivity, resource efficiency and adaptability just to name a few.

Technology and Product

We built a high-performance prototype with off-the-shelf components which then used to run Stanford’s Folding@Home distributed computation application. Our prototype generated, captured and thermally stored enough heat to supply space heating for a 1000 square foot apartment. We are currently developing the next prototype with hardware and software that will be ready to plug into HVAC and water heating systems.


  • 2006 Beginning of Idea
    Lawrence wondered “what use we could get out of a water-cooled computer?”
  • 2009 Formation of Concept
    Installed radiant hydronic floor heating and ground source heat exchanger at our San Francisco house
  • 2012 Summer/Fall First Prototype Build
    A 1.5 kW computer with cooling blocks, a storage tank and piping to a radiator and cooler. The prototype provided heat for the 2013 and ’14 winter seasons
  • 2014 Spring Spreading our message on line
    Our team members start working together towards spreading the Project Exergy message online
  • 2015 Winter/Spring
    Engage a the crowd to further the design, integration, and application of Henry
  • 2016 Second Prototype – Liquid Immersed Model
    Fabrication of a 2nd prototype for field demonstration and laboratory performance testing. Secure more funding from R&D grants, crowd funding and other resources.
  • 2018 and On…
    Design refining and production.



Lawrence Orsini


With more than ten years of experience in all aspects of commercial energy efficiency programs – design, management, implementation and marketing – as well as a strong understanding of the Energy Efficiency policy and regulatory environment, Lawrence is well versed in the inner workings of the efficiency industry. Lawrence’s broad industry experience runs the gamut, from field auditing to managing relationships with Fortune 100 utility and corporate clients, affording him a unique ability to draw connections between policy driven utility energy efficiency program requirements and bottom line driven business spending.


Julianna Yun Wei

Engineering and Operations Lead

Julianna is a mechanical engineer with experience in project management and building energy codes and standards research. Her exposure in areas ─ including technical research, policy development, program implementation, and evaluation ─ provides her with a unique perspective that spans across major aspects of energy efficiency. She has led extensive outreach and advocacy activities with industry stakeholders, regulatory agencies and building science researchers. Julianna also dabbled in renewables and worked for a utility-scaled solar PV manufacturer and developer, where she interfaced between the R&D and business departments.

Julianna is a believer in resource efficiency, and is enthralled by the core concept of combining and aligning two important issues of our times – energy and computation. She is ready to help connect the dots between technologies and people through the project.


John Lilic

Business Development

An agile, test driven approach to software product development (and a sense of humor) has helped John navigate his way around the world a few times. Along the way he continues to learn and refine his craft, focusing on best practice product development, with an emphasis on test driven development and validated learning methodology.

John is a cryptoeconomic advocate, having been an early Bitcoin adopter inspired by block chain technology and a proponent of distributed, decentralized, cryptographically secured peer to peer networks. The synergy between combined heating and computation and distributed computing is of particular interest. John considers it a privilege to work on this project.


Chris Paulsen

Composites Fabricator and Manufacturing Specialist

Chris is a master tradesman with 25 years of prototyping, manufacturing and tooling experience in advance composites. He makes commercial and custom molds and parts based on individual client needs. His work provides support for experimental, aviation, marine, recreational, infrastructure, educational and defense applications. A few example projects from his diverse repertoire include carbon fiber masts for Americas Cup racing yachts, wing parts for Boeing 787s in maintenance repair operations, faux architectural elements for thematic effects, and molds for composites and urethane foams for energy efficient homes. Chris also has management experience in production facilities.

As a master mold maker, Chris creates from plastics, metals, wood, stones and ceramics. He will channel his creative and maker energy to build functional yet aesthetically pleasing prototypes.


Bill Collins

Energy Markets and Financial Advisor

Bill is a finance professional with decades of experience in investment banking, structured finance, and environmental markets. Working as a derivatives specialist in Asia, Bill used his creativity and knowledge of financial markets to spot unique and innovative ways to help his customers (large government, state and private counterparties) identify and manage complex financial risks. This knowledge and skill set was subsequently leveraged in the international carbon markets. For seven years, Bill led a team at EcoSecurities tasked with sales, trading and risk management of the largest private sector carbon project portfolio. Bill serves on OneEnergy Renewables’ Advisory Board.

Bill has significant expertise financial structuring, modeling, business development, and negotiation and will bring those skills to bear for LO3 Energy as we look to build partnerships, finance our business and share benefits with stakeholders.


Srivatsava Puranam, Ph.D

Technical Advisor

With years of experience in the energy industry solving technical problems, Sri has a strong understanding of the physics of energy generation and storage. Over the last decade, Sri has worked with aircraft and automobile engines improving their efficiency, developed detailed models for electrochemical and battery systems and used facial recognition software to study fluid motion.  His experience ranges from working for large corporations to working with agile startup companies bringing the latest energy solutions to the market. As Project Exergy starts making inroads with its distributed generation model, Sri will be helping develop the technical backbone for the project.

Scott Schuetz

Systems Architecture and Design advisor

Scott has a passion for bringing innovative, efficient, and sustainable technologies into mainstream business.

Scott has 23 years of IT industry experience, 16 of them supporting IT and Facilities operations in data center environments. Before working in the Energy Efficiency industry, Scott spent 7 years in the Internet Data Center industry, where he directed operations for co-location, disaster recovery, and turnkey-managed services for Fortune 100 clients.

Over the past five years, Scott has consulted data center energy efficiency (DCEE) practices, aided in the development of innovative DCEE tools, and performed DCEE assessments for clients in the US. Additionally, he deployed an showcase data center that demonstrates innovative DCEE concepts in a high-rise office building, and he has presented at energy conferences on the topic of Small/Medium Business (SMB) DCEE.

Scott will leverage his industry experience to advise practical application and support of the technology in long-term production environments.


Sasha Santiago

Resident Storyteller

A cinema lover, producer, shooter, director and editor with a hands-on approach, Sasha is a film-maker who’s consistently evolving with the times. He explores the connected world we live in, quickly prototypes ideas and moves in turn with its digital media consumption changes and preferences.

To be part of a team that’s on the forefront of a game changing concept that would affect the way the world consumes energy, Sasha sees Project Exergy as an vast and immersive canvas that will inspire and ignite many discoveries, including distributed generation.

As Project Exergy begins shifting the thought process of many from conservation to maximizing the use of our most precious natural resources, Sasha will be there to capture those remarkable stories.